These 9 Tips Will Make Virtual Assistants Give Their Best To You (Guaranteed!)

Most people dream of having the best Virtual Assistant when they hire one. But most also think the only thing they need to do is come up with a standard list of tasks, the VA will just copy and paste it into their calendar and do it for them and produce results as per their expectations.

But that’s not how it works.

If you’re like most people and hire your VA based on what you think you’re looking for in an assistant, you’ll likely find that your expectations don’t match the actual services offered by your VA. However, there are some tips that will ensure your VA will give you their best effort and service (and make you their favorite client!)

Tips to Ensure You Get The Best Out of Virtual Assistants

1. Clarify Your Expectations

Misunderstandings can arise among colleagues in the same office that see each other physically. So imagine what it’s like working with someone without any face-to-face contact, especially if you both have different expectations. This is why it’s of utmost importance to be specific about required tasks and goals. Clarify things and ensure both of you are on the same page. Examples include setting boundaries related to spending limits, communications and confidential information.

2. Document Your Procedures

How-to manuals and video tutorials can explain routine duties and complex assignments. If there are new responsibilities, ask your virtual assistant to record or prepare a write up .This will ensure your procedures library is up to date and will make things smoother should you decide to hire more help in the future.

3. Invest in tech tools

Technology will make collaboration easier. Invest in project management tools that lets you edit documents and manage projects. Examples of such tools are Asana, Dubsado or ClickUp.

4. Regular Communications

Staying in touch may require a more deliberate strategy when you don’t run into each other in the hallways and breakroom. Discussion about the best way to reach each other with urgent and nonurgent communications should be done even before any work started. Schedule one-on-one meetings at least once a week. This can be done virtually via tools like Zoom or Google Meet. Communication is KEY when working virtually!

5. Don’t Frown on Questions – Encourage Them!

New hires in corporates may feel pressured to appear competent, and the same most likely apply to VA that you just hired. Let them know that you’re happy to answer questions when anything is unclear. Make sure they know that no question is too small to ask, and the same goes to you as a client. If there’s anything that the VA does that you don’t quite understand, ask away!

6. Provide Constructive Feedback

Constructive criticism is essential for learning and high performance. Make your comments prompt, specific, and actionable. Try to steer away from using foul languages when providing feedback.

7. Start Small

Virtual assistants need time to adjust to your business and style too. If time allows, introduce them gradually to their new role and help them see the bigger picture and your business vision. Make their first assignment tasks that they are familiar with so they get more comfortable learning new things for you.

8. Respect The VA’s Time

Maybe your virtual assistant has limited availability or you’re one of several clients. Remember, a VA is also a business owner, they are not your staff. Make the most of your time together by being prepared for the hours they spend with you (the same should go both ways).

9. Build Their Morale

If you build morale, you will get higher quality results. There are many ways to build morale of a virtual assistant. One way would be treating them as equals and giving them feedback on their work whenever possible. Another way would be rewarding them for success or if they go above and beyond what was asked of them.


In conclusion, your virtual assistant could save you time and enable you to focus on tasks that maximize your strengths. Make your working relationship a happy and productive one by following the tips mentioned above. Implementing them will ensure your virtual assistant give their best to help in you in your business, and you both will be helping each other to succeed.

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