Mom Blog : An Honest Review of Blog By Number Course

Are you a mom who wants to start a blog? If yes, please continue reading to read my honest review of the Blog By Number Course created by Suzi Whitford.

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How This Mom Found Out About Blog By Number Course

First of all, at the time of writing, I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I haven’t always been, but this is the best decision for me and my family right now. If you have always had an income before and it suddenly stopped, you will feel somewhat of a loss. For me, it’s not only the loss of an additional family income, but “mommying” day-in-day-out can take a toll and made me feel like I’ve lost my identity as an individual. So I wanted to find something that I can do or learn, but it has to be flexible enough for me to slot in between my mom duties. And if it can earn me some bucks, that’s even better!

So my intense research and Googling led me to one thing, which is blogging. Not just blogging-dear-diary type, but blogging with a proper website, with a purpose. And that’s how I came across the Blog By Number course.

The Blog By Number Course: Teaching You How to Start a Mom Blog for Absolute Beginners

Blog By Number Course is created by Suzi Whitford. Here’s some fun facts about this incredible woman:

  • Suzi was an Engineer before venturing into this Mom Blog world
  • Her Mom Blog grew from a hobby to making her more than $10,000 income per month
  • She retired her husband from corporate world at the age of 30 with her Mom Blog!

Blog By Number Course was created with busy moms in mind, who would like to start a blog but does not know where to begin. Even though it was created with moms in mind, that does not mean that if you are not one, this is not for you. This course is useful to anyone who is an absolute beginner but want to learn about blogging. The course is broken down into smaller, easy-to-follow steps, so that you do not get overwhelmed by the process. 

Below is the breakdown of the course.

What’s In The Course (Update 2021)

Module 1: Why Should You Start a Blog?

Module 2: How to Decide on the Perfect Blog Niche for You

Module 3: How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name

Module 4: Step by Step – How to Start a Blog

Module 5: How to Setup a Powerful and Free Theme

Module 6: The Basics and Essentials

Module 7 : Powerful Free or Affordable Plugins

Module 8: How to write blog posts that work for you (Including Thousands of Blog Post Ideas!)

Module 9: How to brand your blog

Module 10: Final Touches before the Big Launch

Module 11: Powerfully Simple Keyword Research

Module 12: How to use Pinterest for Traffic

Module 13 : SEO for Traffic

Module 14 : Facebook for Traffic

Module 15 : How to Make Money Blogging – Your First $1

Module 16 : Build Your Email List

Bonuses Included In The Course

  • Detailed Video Chapter Markers
  • Learn to edit images professionally
  • 8,209 Popular Blog Post Ideas
  • 500+ Free Stock Images

Check out the Blog By Number Course by clicking the link below, and read all the raving reviews from successful students!

Pros of blog by number course

You Get To Increase Your Skillsets 

You start with the intention to start a mom blog, and that is what you will learn in this course. But what you also learn in the process is much more than just starting a mom blog. Throughout the course, I have gained new “skills” that could be useful to me in the future, such as 

  • Building a WordPress website from ground up
  • The basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • How to boost organic traffic to your sites (absolutely legit, no hanky panky, spammy ways here!)
  • Upskilled my photo editing skills
  • Open up your mind about ways you can earn income while at home, the legit way.

Responsive Support Team

I absolutely love Suzi’s down to earth style, I feel like she “speaks” to me and that was why I was so drawn to her and her courses. And the most helpful thing I find the the support that Suzi and her team provides – if you have any questions at all, even if you feel that they are the silliest questions, THEY WILL RESPOND to you. That speaks volume of their integrity. So many other content creators boast about their courses but when you email them, they either do not reply or give a nonchalant answer and just treat you like dollar signs. But not Suzi and her team, you can actually feel they value you as their students and will try their best to help you.

Engaging Form Content That Keeps Your Wanting To Learn More

The click-by-click, “hold your hand” style of the course is absolutely phenomenal and is my absolute favorite. Most of the courses I’ve seen explain things in words, and some simple videos, but Suzi actually walks you through the whole process (you’ll be able to see her screen as she shows you how to create your mom blog). For a visual learner, this is extremely helpful and since it’s a video, you can always pause while you’re following her steps and resume once you’re done.

If you want to get a feel of Suzi’s teaching style, head over to her YouTube channel at this link. This is what I did before deciding to purchase her course, and absolutely fell in love with her teaching style.

Cons of blog by number course

I promised you an honest review, so here are some things that might be considered cons in your eyes. To me, I’m writing this so you can decide if this course is for you or not.

This Course is Geared Towards Absolute Beginner

If you have built a website and blog before, this course might not be for you and you will feel that she is teaching you what you already know. But for an absolute beginner, her detailed step-by-step is a lifesaver.

This is Not a Writing Course

This course teaches you how to start a mom blog. It has some templates that are definitely helpful in getting you started. Suzi also gave many tips on how to structure your blog posts, and tips on ideas for blog posts. But this is not a writing course, so if you are not a strong writer by nature, and are looking for help on writing long content blog posts and improving your writing skills, this might not be the right course for you. 

How I Felt About the Course Price

The course is priced at $97 at the time of writing. For such a detailed course, I feel like this is an absolute bargain, for there are many other more expensive courses out there that do not deliver half of what Suzi’s course does.

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to Start? Try the Blog By Number eBook

But if you are a little bit tight on the budget, you could start with the Blog By Number eBook first. This is what I did, being a SAHM, money is obviously a bit tight so I started with the $18 Blog By Number eBook first. For a fraction of the course, this is what you get :

  • The Complete 100+ page Blog By Number Ebook 
  • 20 Pinterest Images Templates
  • 25+ Niches Ideas
  • 130+ Blog Post Titles
  • 25 Different Types of Blog Post
  • Blog Post Templates and Checklist
  • Facebook and Pinterest Groups to boost traffic

As mentioned above, I started with the eBook first while I was saving up to purchase the Blog By Number course. Eventhough the eBook definitely packs value, but I am a visual learner, so this was not enough for me. So once I saved up enough, I upgraded to the Blog By Number course and have not looked back since.

FREE COURSE to Help You Get Started on that Mom Blog

When you are just getting started, money might be bit tight and you need more time to think before deciding on purchasing something. Trust me, I have been there. But not to worry, because you can get started today by downloading Suzi’s FREE Blog Plan here.

What’s in the Free Blog Plan?

  • Steps that Suzi used to grow her blog from from $0 to $9,000 per month in less than a year
  • How to make money from Day 1
  • 12 tips to get traffic & make money monthly
  • What and when to write blog posts
  • How to grow your email list
  • The essential tools (free and paid) for blogging

And yes, all these is available for free if you sign up for the Blog Plan here. What have you got to lose, right? 😉


In my honest opinion, the Blog By Number Course is a really good course for beginners who want to learn to start a blog, especially a Mom Blog, from ground up. It contains all the necessary steps and information required, and created by someone with a proven successful track record, so it is definitely worth the investment. 

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