Helping female solopreneurs figure out online technology without the overwhelm. Because you deserve to spend less time struggling over certain tasks and more time doing what you love.

Here are a few ways I can help.

On-going Support

Regular assistance and support are provided to clients on a continuous basis, often involving a variety of tasks and responsibilities as needed.

One-time Project

Assistance is provided to clients for a specific project or task that has a defined start and end date. This may include tasks such as creating a landing page, research, or email marketing campaigns.

1:1 Strategy

A personalized session where the client can discuss their business goals and challenges. Topics covered in the session can include digital marketing, systems, and business operations. The ultimate goal is to help clients make informed decisions and take strategic actions to grow their businesses.

*coming soon*

“I am super happy with the results and I absolutely would work with Alya again!”

Alya recently revamped my entire homepage of my website and she did an amazing job! She was able to take my ideas and bring them alive with the tech. Alya was very easy to work with and required very little direction – she just knew exactly what to do even after our initial contact. She just got my ideas and my design inspiration really quickly. She was super communicative, worked really quickly, and went the extra mile to fix little tech bits here and there for me. She was also really patient with gathering the collateral she needed as I worked on it. Now my homepage is more on trend and set up to convert visitors to clients!
Carole Alves-Cornell
Founder/Consultant of Equipped Nonprofit

Hi from Alya!

I am a virtual assistant with 10 years of corporate experience being in the support role. My problem-solving nature combined with introverted personality makes behind-the-scenes work my natural choice. Let’s work together to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother.