Top 5 Tools For a Virtual Assistant

It’s no secret that virtual assistants can do a lot of work for their clients, and save them time. As a virtual assistant myself, I have found some tools to be invaluable in my job. In this blog post, we will go over my top 5 tools that every virtual assistant should have!

Here are my top 5 virtual assistant tools:

Google Drive

I use Google Drive daily in my work. It is very useful for sharing documents and collaborating with clients, without having to rely on emailing files back and forth. This tool also has a virtual meeting feature, which can be great when working virtually!

Google Keep

Google Keep is a desktop and phone app that allows you to take notes, set reminders and record voice memos. The best part? It’s all stored in the cloud so it is accessible from anywhere!

Some of the ways that I use Google Keep are for taking quick notes, keeping instagram hashtag sets, sharing shopping lists and to-do lists, and recording voice memos to use in my work.


Canva is another desktop and phone app that I use almost daily. Canva is a virtual design tool that allows you to create graphics for your social media accounts, emails and posts. The platform allows you to choose which size graphic you want from phone app/email or desktop, then it automatically sizes the photos accordingly so they are all uniform.

Canva also has many beautiful templates to choose from, so you can just upload your text and photos then it does the rest.

Another great feature is that Canva has many different templates for social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter; which allows me to save time on creating graphics for each of my virtual assistant clients.


Calendly is an appointment scheduling tool that I use as a virtual assistant. I like it because you can pre-schedule meetings with your clients ahead of time and they don’t have to go out their way to put together a calendar for everyone. It also converts time zones automatically for you.

Not only can you schedule a meeting, it also has the function to reschedule or cancel . As a virtual assistant, time management and organization are key to your success. Using an app like Calendly allows you more time to focus on the important parts of being a virtual assistant!


Having to call someone across the world can get expensive, but with Zoom, you can avoid those long distance fees. The app allows you to hold calls or meetings, wherever in the world we may be, as long as there’s internet connection.

When I started working as an online virtual assistant, Zoom was one of the first tools I downloaded onto my computer. This tool has made communicating with clients and colleagues so much easier.


The tools I use as a virtual assistant are Google Drive, Google Keep, Canva and Calendly. These apps have made my life easier by simplifying tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming. They also help me keep up with the workflow of running multiple business lines for clients while still having enough time to do things I enjoy in life – like spending quality time with family.

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